WOLFGANG LUTHE INTRODUCTORY WORKSHOP: Introduction to the Methods of Autogenic Training, Therapy and Psychotherapy: Volume 1 (Autogenic Training & Psychotherapy)

The present Manual is a compilation of Luthe´s Introductory Workshops to the Methods of Autogenic Therapy, and includes the foreword by Hans Selye to the course given at the Montreal Institute of Stress and Luthe´s own foreword to the course given in Orlando, Florida, for the Biofeedback Society of America. This weekend 15 h. intensive program was intended for the sensitization of professionals already engaged in clinical psychosomatic or psychiatric practice, and lacks the follow-up practice program later instituted by ICAT and currently endorsed by ISATAP. With the experience gathered by his followers, Luthe´s introductory workshop has been expanded into the current 100 h. (30 in situ teaching and 70 h at home practice)ISATAP Level 1 qualification program. Nevertheless, Luthe´s Introductory Workshop remains a must-read Manual for anybody interested in the autogenic approach.

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