Autogenics 3.0: The New Way to Mindfulness and Meditation

Autogenics is the new way to personal enlightenment and psychosomatic health. Based in medical research initiated by JH Schultz in Germany and continued by W. Luthe in Canada and by Luis de Rivera, autogenics trains the basic brain functions needed for personal development and psychosomatic health. This book is useful for new learners of meditation and for seasoned practitioners. Many students of mindfulness have benefited from autogenics to improve their regular technique. The autogenic methods of Sensory Meditation and Feeling Meditation easily enables the practitioners of Samatha and Vipassana meditations to learn and train the two basic mental processes of Passive Concentration and Passive Acceptance, described by Autogenics. This is a practical psychotherapy book, based on the most recent medical and neurobiological research.

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